ENGNES Development started its operation in 2017 and quickly became a big success on the stage.

The founder of ENGNES grew up on the Swedish countryside which has shaped the company’s values with a go-getter mentality where you always do the right thing and "a handshake is a handshake". Based on this background, it was natural to name the company ENGNES, where ENG stands for ENGMAN which is the founders, Patrik’s lastname and NES stands for the founder's three fantastic kids: Niklas, Emelie and Sandra.

Our values are Honesty, Reliability, Commitment and Joy. Everything we do, we do with our values in mind and when our values don’t match with the assignment, we’ll decline to the assignment.

ENGNES five areas of Strength are:


Our extensive experience of establishing franchise companies has given us unique knowledge that we’re happy to share with you!


At ENGNES, we have major experience of expanding companies in not just Sweden, but also internationally.


Together Engnes can develop your ideas into a working concept. When you need help with single details or need to take a holistic approach to face the future, we are there with you. We do everything from interior designs and operations, to finding the right location with the perfect size. We’ll even share our collected expertise about your company’s product range and service offerings.


Often landlords and property owners can be tricky and reaching the finish line can seem impossible. Fortunately, we’re experts at getting people to reach agreements!


ENGNES staff members have throughout their professional life collaborated with people with many differences, experiences, backgrounds, life conditions and ages. We’re offering you the opportunity to take part in our knowledge to mentor your managementteams, specialist, leaders and young talents.